Monday, November 3, 2014

Shapeoko2 wiring.

Before actually testing the Shapeoko2 machine I did a complete rewiring. The cables that came with it weren’t the most flexible ones and I was afraid they were going to interfere with micro stepping. Maybe nonsense, but I did it. I changed everything for a microphone, two pair, shielded cable and also increased their length, giving some space between the machine and the electronics.






The pictures show a solution I found for the cable management system. It seems to work and uses only the mechanical parts that came with the full kit option (the plastic guide and 2 endings). I divided the guide in two parts and connected the ends in a way that it could be used for X and Y axis.




I also used a wire termination that is very convenient and easy to use. It made the assembly very clean. Before clamping the terminations I have put some solder in the wire ends. This solder is not visible as the tubes were clamped over them.

You can find those ferroules here.



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