Thursday, June 11, 2015

Microscopic pictures of the PCB ink coating that was laser etched


I’m posting here the latest microscopic pictures of a PCB that was covered with black spray ink and illuminated by the 808nm 0.5W laser diode that was installed on my ShapeOko2 CNC. The focal point was moved by the machine to draw an insulating trace around the tracks.

As can be seen, the focal area is not round and the result is not good. I’m trying to find a laser diode with a circular profile to fix this.








  1. I really like your progress. Would using a 2W laser work better? (I understand you don't have one, hypothetically) What is the width of the tracks in the paint that the laser cuts?

  2. Jeff, have a look at this:
    If you buy a 5W LD from EBay ($100), one of the OPT Laser drivers ($98) and a DC power supply from EBay ($80) ( you can make a cheaper 5W option.